Mykonos Dreamin’   Leave a comment

For most views at “Little Venice” — the bay at Mykonos — you don’t need words to describe the setting on the Aegean coast. I took this at a seaside restaurant in early October.
Smr14 Cruise 109

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Healing Water?   2 comments

The Czech city of Karlovy Vary is a true resort spa town that is famous for the hot spring water with “curative” powers. There is a special cup from which you are supposed to drink the water daily. The temperature is about 72 degrees CENTIGRADE. Obviously, from the sediment in this bowl, the water contains many minerals, and it appears that sulphur may be in abundance!

Prague,Smr14b 536

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Prague Doors   Leave a comment

I’m always enamored (almost entranced!) by the doors/detail that I see with visits everywhere. I thought these Prague examples are beautiful.Prague,Smr14b 81 Prague,Smr14b 366 Prague,Smr14b 368 Prague,Smr14b 381

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Terezin — a “must” visit to a “never” site   2 comments


Terezin — located close to Prague — was a clearance camp for those destined to death at the hands of the Nazis of WW2. It serves as a bitter reminder of how cruel people can be to each other.Prague,Smr14b 158 Prague,Smr14b 228 Prague,Smr14b 283

Prague,Smr14b 304

Prague,Smr14b 333

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Thousands of names   Leave a comment


Prague was hard-hit by the Nazi invaders of World War II because of the high percentage of Jews who lived there. These walls (and there are MANY more) show the names of those who never returned from concentration camps. The red name indicates the surname, followed by the given names of those who were lost. A somber sight, indeed.
Prague  1040




Prague  1039



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A musical spring in her step   2 comments

Prague  1034


Young lady on the way to a performance in Prague. I’d say it is a cello.

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Communist Memories   Leave a comment

Prague  963


Czechoslovakia was a communist state for forty years, but the populace did not seem to be endeared to the government. This poster was one of more than 20 on a large poster wall.

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